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Stevie Mikayne writes literary fiction with an edge. Sometimes she walks the edge as well. When she’s not writing, she enjoys teaching writing classes, and editing manuscripts at Evolved Publishing. Stevie can occasionally be coaxed out of her awesome library to play on social media. Mention tea, and she’ll come running. She dreams of someday becoming a baby elephant whisperer in Kenya. Connect with her at!

Jellicle Girl is a book about identity, secrets, love—and ultimately, redemption.Beth is consumed with guilt over what happened with Jackie. On the verge of self-destruction, she is forced into therapy with the indomitable Dr. Nancy Sullivan; unfortunately, Nancy is in no condition for mind games. She’s running out of time too…

Weight of Earth tells the story of Ella who is determined to uncover her mother’s past, but what she learns could destroy her family. An exploration of how family loyalty entwines with personal secrecy, and what it means to be exceptional.

Uncatholic Conduct follows Jil as she is sent to St. Marguerite’s Catholic School to investigate teachers breaking their contracts of Catholic conduct, but her investigation takes a dramatic turn after a student winds up dead. To further complicate matters, circumstances keep throwing her together with the hot blonde principal, Jessica Blake, at the center of her investigation.


Uncatholic ConductWeight_of_Earth_300dpi_200x300Jellicle Girl Final Cover