The plot-driven aspect of writing mystery novels appeals to me – particularly when I’m in the middle of a literary fiction novel and need more time to reflect. The plot structure calls to the analytical side of my brain that likes to create neat lines and solvable problems. Ah…if only life worked out that way!


And I like Jil Kidd as a character. She’s smart and damaged–a protagonist that could be taken right from the pages of one of my literary fiction novels. Her love life is complicated. Her emotions always fight with her logic. She gets herself into trouble because she just can’t let things go. And she trusts people even if evidence seems to suggest they’re betraying her. Her gut is a truth-magnet.

In mysteries, I think the back story is important, so in the Jil Kidd series, I focused a lot on creating a PI with a past. This continues to unfold as the books go on, and I enjoy discovering new things about Jil with each book.

UnCatholic Conduct was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in lesbian mystery—an honour that still gives me tingles. The second in the series, Illicit Artifacts, is set to release in December.

Uncatholic ConductPrivate investigator Jil Kidd is finding life too damn complicated at the moment. The P.I. firm belonging to her mentor, Padraig, is in a financial mess, and to help him, she must take this latest assignment—which couldn’t be more offensive. When Jil is sent to St. Marguerite’s Catholic School to investigate teachers breaking their contracts of Catholic conduct, her investigation takes a dramatic turn after a student winds up dead on campus. To further complicate matters, circumstances keep throwing her together with the hot blond principal, Jessica Blake, at the center of her investigation. Decades-old secrets run deep through the veins of this traditional school, and Jil has to find answers to some chilling questions—like what really happened to those two boys in the old gym forty years ago—before another student pays the ultimate price. Difficult, when all she can think about is getting Jessica into bed.