Children’s Books

Mom's ChoiceWhen Stevie and her wife Nancy decided to have a baby, they went shopping for picture books that featured adventurous kids who happened to have two moms or two dads… They were surprised to find that the book industry hadn’t yet caught up to their family! There were books with two moms or two dads, but often, the focus was on the parents’ relationship instead of the fabulous kids and their fantastic adventures!

Say whaaat? Kids from LGBT families are missing picture books?! That can’t be right!

So Stevie decided to put her author skills to good use and turned to writing children’s books, taking on the pen name Steff F. Kneff.

Luke Spooner applied his considerable illustrating talent to the cause, and the Emlyn and the Gremlin series was born!

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9781622533978-txt-cover_300dpicomp (1)Emlyn is sure a Gremlin sneaks into the house at night. In the morning, she finds her room a mess, with gadgets and glitter strewn everywhere. Moose, her Great Dane, should be guarding the house, but he’s so afraid he hides in his fort!

Emlyn’s mums insist Gremlins aren’t real, but one day, Emlyn overhears the truth… and then she meets Gremlin for herself.


9781622533947_frontcover1 (1)Emlyn has struck up a friendship with the Gremlin that sneaks into the house at night, but she’s getting worried. Where can Gremlin be? And why hasn’t she returned to play with Emlyn’s shiny toys and jewellery – her favourite things?

Could the horrible mean cat next door be blocking her from throwing her grappling hook over the window ledge? Join Emlyn, Gremlin and Moose as they outsmart that mean old cat Charlie, once and for all!


2940046315240_p0_v1_s260x420Gremlin arrives on the same day Emlyn is expecting her family for a barbeque, but promises to stay upstairs while Emlyn’s Mummy and Mama prepare for lunch.

All the young cousins are supposed to take family photographs in matching pyjamas—but Gremlin’s curiosity might ruin the picture, and get both her—and Emlyn—in big trouble!