About & FAQ

Writing is as vital to my life as chocolate and Yorkshire Gold tea. First, there must be tea. Then the writing can begin. Usually by 5AM.

I write both mystery novels and contemporary literary fiction. Always, my style involves combining a deep love of traditional literature with an obsession with dynamic characters and strong language. Also, inventive expletives.

My mother understood that books are sustenance, so she fed me on novels and good education. At Lancaster University, from which I graduated with an M.A. in Creative Writing, I got my first real glimpse into how writers learn their craft. From the moment I graduated, I started believing I could actually be a writer. Having decided that I’d also like to teach others to write, I returned to Lancaster for my PhD, which I’ll be working on as long as they let me stay. 🙂

When I met a woman who could do my nails and fix my toilet in the same ten-minute span, a lot of things clicked into place. I then found out she could make the perfect cup of tea, hidden passageway bookshelves, a window seat under the stairs, and a library with a ladder, so I married her before anyone else could.

Our daughter is both my biggest distraction and my most important reason for writing. I want her to grow up understanding the importance of fulfilling her dreams and living a life of passion, love and joy.

I have a secret love for personal finance, and a less-secret love for baby elephants. Kenya works into my life plan. I don’t know how yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out! My grandparents dread the day I announce I’m taking my daughter on safari…