Pushing Boundaries with Amelia James

The Twisted Mosaic – a collection of erotic tales exploring the tangled relationship between Alex, Talia, and Will. Dirty little secrets. All the wrong reasons. Love takes an unexpected twist. 

Today, I’d like to introduce Amelia James, my fellow author at Evolved Publishing, and the one responsible for my transition into the secret life of red-penning erotica.

Amelia’s new book Their Twisted Love (Book Two in the Twisted Mosaic) launched Monday, and I am in the midst of editing the third and final component: His Twisted Choice, due out in July.

If you haven’t read any of Amelia’s work yet, she has a little something for everyone: softer (but still hot) romance like Tell Me You Want Me (Amazon top 100 bestseller) and its sequel Secret Storm; some grittier erotica like the Twisted mosaic, and some paranormal romance short stories like “One Wild Night.”

Here’s what Amelia has to say about her work:


I never heard the term transgressive erotica until I started writing it. I’ve always understood that erotic writing goes beyond the typical romance novel hearts-and-flowers, everything’s perfect love scene. But when a review of the first book in The Twisted Mosaic, Her Twisted Pleasures, called it “… the perfect intro into real erotica… transgressive enough to touch on taboo issues and desires…” I had to check my dictionary.

According to thefreedictionary.com, transgressive is defined as exceeding a limit or boundary, especially of social acceptability.

Works for me. I’ve never been a huge fan of what society accepts, and my Twisted series, especially book 2, explores a variety of ways to push boundaries.

The excerpt below is from a story called Playing Dirty where Talia and Alex discuss ways to keep their relationship from getting dull. They come up with an idea outside the norm.


Their Twisted Love – The Twisted Mosaic, Book 2

I drove back to her hotel, but parked my truck in a dark corner behind the building. “Com’ere.”

She slid over and I moved out from behind the steering wheel. Talia straddled my lap while I ran my hands up her back and into her hair, pulling her down for a kiss. Her tongue played in my mouth while she bunched my shirt up from the bottom.

I unzipped her jeans and tried to get my fingers into her pussy, but there was no room to move. “Take them off.”

She slipped off me and wriggled out of those tight jeans, taking her panties with them. Then she resumed her position on my lap.

“Much better.”

She sighed while I stroked her. “Didn’t we have something to talk about?”

Talk? She expects me to talk? “Oh… threesome.”

“Mmm… yes.” She moaned as I slipped two fingers inside her and stroked her clit with my thumb.

“So should we do it with another guy or another girl?” I’d already decided on another guy, but if Talia was open to a bisexual experience, I’d be all for it.

“A guy, definitely. A girl would be….” She shuddered and her pussy got hot. “That could be fun. I’ve always thought Claire was cute, and I bet she’d be into it.”

“First, no way I’m fucking Claire. I don’t want to lose my job, or a good assistant.”

She unbuckled my belt and slid my zipper down. “And second?”

“What makes you think she’s into anything kinky?”

Talia sighed and stuffed her hand in my pants, stroking my hard cock while I finger-fucked her. “She follows the dress code to the letter—except for her heels. Wears at least three inches every day.” She dragged her lips down my face till she caught my mouth, sucking on my lower lip. “I did that.”

“And I know how kinky you are.” I thrust my fingers deep for emphasis.

“Ooo… yes.” She gave my cock a tug. “How are we going to find another guy?”


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