Character Interview with Beth Sarandon

Recently, I participated in the Relationship Blog Hop with three other fabulous authors. Part of that process required me to bring my protagonist from Jellicle Girl, Beth Sarandon, to an interview. Beth is a reluctant hero, and couldn’t have been more opposed to answering personal questions… but since she was under a publicity contract, she stayed and answered them anyway. 😉


Character Interview – Beth Sarandon

Book Title: Jellicle Girl

Synopsis: When Beth met Jackie, she was fifteen and shy, living in the shadow of her mother—talented artist Heather Sarandon. Jackie, wilful, cheeky and confident, made Beth see things in herself that she never imagined, and do things she never thought she would. As memories of Beth’s last night with Jackie grow more like waking nightmares, Beth does everything she can to forget the girl who was so much more than a friend.

Beth has a self-destructive ritual she swears she’ll keep secret, even from the psychologist trying to help her. But Dr. Nancy Sullivan doesn’t have time for secrets. In fact, she doesn’t have much time at all. She’s been charged with helping Beth break through the barriers of her past, knowing very well that her own demons might end her career before she can get through to the stubborn young woman.

Meanwhile, a young foster child with a wicked sense of humour and a devastating past reminds Beth that secrets seem powerful, but can destroy the person who holds them too close. Jellicle Girl is a powerful coming-of-age story about redemption, identity, and learning to let go of secrets that scar.

Character Bio: Beth is a senior in high school, and pulls out every stop to avoid the campus. She lives alone in her father’s bachelor pad while he tours around the world, snapping pictures and her mother locks herself in her art studio across town. The one thing she wants most is to forget the horrible night that changed her life forever, and ripped away the one person who meant the most to her. Instead, she’s stuck in mandatory therapy sessions, trying desperately to keep her secrets to herself.

Character Likes: Lasagne, Co-op, trendy clothes, lattes, camp, writing.

Character Dislikes: Ditzy girls, bad memories, imperfection, labels, personal questions.

Our questions for Beth:

  1. Describe what your life is like

    My life is fine. Yes, you can write that down if it would make you feel better.

  2. What are your goals in life?

    I try to avoid thinking of them.

  3. What are 5 things people should know about you?

    Frankly, I’d prefer they didn’t know much.

  4. What are the biggest dangers you see facing your world?

    Nosiness, intolerance and pollution. In that order.

  5. What are some of the greatest things about your world?

    Coffee. Lingerie. And the fact that after this semester, I never have to go back to The Hole again.

  6. Who is the most important person to you?

    Why don’t I ask you some questions? Who’s the most important person to you?

  7. Who is one person you could deal without having in your life?

    At the moment? *Glares*

  8. If you could redo anything in your life up to this point what would it be and why?

    *Silence. Stares out the window.*

  9. What is the biggest adventure you have had to date?

    Um… going to the zoo?

  10. What do you think the future holds for you?

    Okay, seriously, if I answer one of these asinine questions will you stop grilling me? My future holds a glorious stream of normal activities: marriage and children and happiness and a fucking good night’s sleep. Now… could you please put away that notepad? It’s bad enough I have to answer questions for my shrink, and now here you are.

  11. Is there anything else you wish to share? Feel free to spill your guts! *wink wink*

    Obviously you haven’t been listening at all.