What Readers Say…

I love readers . I love hearing from readers; I love talking to readers. I write is so people will read, and I’m over the moon when they enjoy the work. Many readers are shy to post a review, but I’d like to share some of what they had to say, right here.

“I have just finished reading Jellicle Girl on the Kindle and it’s a page turner – which is a real compliment to a book which has no vampires, murderers or sado-masochists in it. I was completely engaged by the passionate but very spiky heroine.”
~PO (Ireland)

” Just finished your book the other night & I LOVED it!  Looking forward to more!”

“I’m about a third through your book and loving every word!”
~KA (England)

“I just finished the book.  It’s fabulous!  I have many more comments and questions ….  You did a really amazing job and yes, it is your calling.” ~MD

“Just finished your book… loved it! It honestly made me feel like I’m not the only person who had crazy thoughts, who cut, and struggles with stuff. You’re the best.”

“I read your book in three days – well, evenings, days are too busy! I even stopped reading Fifty Shades of Grey because I got emotionally involved in your book. I will go see it at the movies WHEN it comes out. Amazing work, looking forward to reading the next book!”

“[Jellicle Girl] needs to get to people who this can help… it did me.”

“Finished reading Jellicle Girl today.  It is EXCELLENT!  The most thought provoking novel that I’ve read in a very long time… Made me smile, laugh, cry and think.  Looking forward to the next one!”