If it weren’t for the love in our lives…

This week, I’m thrilled to be participating in the Relationship Blog Hop with three fantastic authors: Sabrynne McLain (When Red is Blue); Brian Holers (Doxology) and Emlyn Chand (Torn Together).

Each of us has written a book revolving around significant relationships, and thought it would be fun to share our experiences – and those of our characters – on each others’ blogs. Yesterday Sabrynne stopped by to talk about Dandelion vs. Orchid children in a fascinating discussion about what makes some kids survive in any conditions….

For the entire week, we’ll be discussing Mother-Daughter relationships, Friendship, Relationship-with-the-Self and The Guys in our lives. It just so happens that each of the relationships important to my fellow authors are also relevant to Jellicle Girl. Although I asked Emlyn, Sabrynne and Brian to write about self-identity, any of the other themes could also have applied.

Beth struggles with a difficult relationship with her mother. Because she left home at such an early age, she still longs for a mother’s attention and affection. The lines of friendship and love also intersect in her life, causing confusion and guilt. Struggling with her identity and seeking love, she makes a series of bad choices with men and ends up hurting more people than she means to.

Relationships are rife with tension and dynamics that outsiders struggle to understand. That’s why I’m thrilled that these writers have stopped by to talk about their books and give the inside scoop about the relationships in their lives. I love to learn from other writers. Shh. Don’t tell them I’m taking notes. They’ll know I’m a geek!

Tune in all week for some great talks and awesome insights!